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Outpatient Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment Programs in Monmouth Junction, NJ

Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP/IOT)

The Intensive Outpatient (IOP/IOT) program at The Counseling Center at Monmouth Junction (South Brunswick Township, Middlesex County) is an outpatient program for adults and adolescents seeking treatment for addiction, alcoholism, and co-occurring disorders associated with addiction and substance abuse.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program combines evidence-based, state of the art treatment for substance abuse with 12 Step principles. The intense, focused experience is suitable for individuals who do not need detox, who live within driving distance of the center, and who meet the requirements determined by a clinical assessment.

The Intensive Outpatient Program is a primary treatment program, designed to equip participants with the tools and skills needed for sober and productive living. It can be an excellent program for those in early recovery, including those returning home from residential rehab (ASAM PPC-2R, Level 2.1 / 2.5).

Outpatient Treatment (OP)

The Outpatient Treatment (OP) is a primary substance abuse treatment program recommended for some individuals, based on clinical assessment, for drug and alcohol addiction or dependency. An outpatient treatment program may allow an individual to participate in a primary course of treatment while staying within their local community. This is a great way to pursue treatment while continuing to live at home, maintain a job, go to school, or manage personal responsibilities.

Outpatient treatment is primarily group treatment, with small groups led by experienced, licensed Counselors. Group sessions allow exploration of important aspects of personal lives and substance use, in a safe and accepting environment (ASAM Level 1,with 2.1 and 2.5).

Dual Diagnosis

The term "Dual Diagnosis" is used when there is mental illness as well as substance abuse. This is very common. In many cases individuals have turned to alcohol or drug abuse as a way of "self medicating" a mental illness they have not recognized, or not accepted, or which has not been acknowledged. Treatment of people with co-occurring substance abuse (or substance dependence) and mental illness is more complicated than the treatment of either condition alone.

The counselors and staff at The Counseling Center at Monmouth Junction are all well trained in recognizing and dealing with clients with dual diagnosis, and are appropriately supervised to ensure we can give our clients the treatments they need to regain control over their lives. 

All clients are first interviewed with a comprehensive clinical assessment, and all treatment service components at The Counseling Center are directed towards addressing and treating DSM IV diagnosis for ATOD and other co-occurring disorders and/or recovery issues.

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Confidential Clinical Assessment

The Counseling Center at Monmouth Junction is an outpatient addiction treatment and behavioral health center, staffed with certified and experienced clinical professionals. Eligibility is determined with a confidential clinical assessment, which is performed in person at The Counseling Center.

Adults and adolescents seeking treatment for addiction, alcoholism, mental/behavioral health conditions, or any of the commonly co-occurring disorders associated with addiction and substance abuse, may participate in our award-winning Outpatient Therapy, Intensive Outpatient Therapy, Individual, or Group counseling, based on clinical assessment. To schedule call 855-788-8247 .

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