The Counseling Center at Monmouth Junction, NJ

Providing Behavioral Health and Substance Abuse Outpatient Treatment, IOP, and Individual Counseling for Adults and Adolescents

The Counseling Center at Monmouth Junction offers individual and group mental health therapy, and a state-of-the-art substance abuse treatment program combining evidence-based and 12 step principles with an intense, focused Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) option, integrated into professionally-prepared treatment plans.

Gerilyn A. Suschke, MA, NCC, LPC, ACS

Gerilyn A. Suschke, MA, NCC, LPC, ACS
Clinical Director

New Jersey native, Gerilyn Suschke, MA, NCC, LPC, ACS, is a 23-year veteran working in addiction and mental health treatment. She holds a Master's Degree in Counseling and Personnel Services, a Bachelors in Sociology/Criminal Justice and is a member of the American Counseling Association and the Association for Counselor Education and Supervision.

Before completing her Master's Degree in 1999, she worked in Case Management in Allentown, PA for the Boys and Girls Clubs. She saw how the children of substance and alcohol users were affected every day by the disease in so many aspects of their lives. Witnessing the destruction these children go through, she knew she wanted to dedicate her career to helping people recover from their substance and alcohol use.

Gerilyn has developed several training programs including Treatment Planning, Documentation for Clinical Mental Health, and Working with Difficult Client Populations. As an expert in these topics, she provides unparalleled support, guidance, and encouragement to the clinical staff of The Counseling Center, ensuring that each client is receiving the treatment needed to recover.

Beth Frankel, LAC, Counselor

Beth Frankel, LAC, Counselor

Counselor Beth Frankel, LAC, has held numerous volunteer positions for substance use and mental health counseling including a job in India for a nonprofit humanitarian organization. While in India she had the privilege of offering free counseling services to adults and adolescents who had neither the access nor resources to receive mental health and substance use counseling

As a counselor, she conducts group sessions and does case management, but where she thrives is in a client’s individual session. Her areas of concentration are more diverse than just addictions themselves; she uncovers the root underlying their substance and alcohol use. Beth incorporates many co-occurring issues such as trauma, depression, anxiety, marital/family conflict and spiritual matters as part of her treatment plan.

After losing friends to substance use, both through death and through their isolation, she wanted to give back and developed an ability to see the best in people even when they are unable to see it within themselves. With substance use becoming an increasingly prevalent problem in New Jersey, Beth is grateful for the chance to help prevent others from succumbing to the disease and get them on the right track for recovery.

Vinessa Gillette, Administrative Assistant

Vinessa Gillette, Administrative Assistant

Vinessa Gillette, is the first face you see at The Counseling Center at Monmouth Junction. She works hard to develop a friendly rapport with each client. As the Administrative Assistant, she arranges all appointments at the center. Vinessa is passionate about helping people struggling with substance use and mental health issues and enjoys seeing them succeed on their road to recovery.  

Tom Roskin, Community Outreach, The Counseling Center at Fair Lawn, NJ
Tom Roskin, Community Outreach
The Counseling Center

Tom Roskin, Community Outreach

Tom Roskin is the Marketing Representative for The Counseling Center throughout New Jersey and New York. Tom earned his Bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University and was born Roslyn, NY, giving him a dedication to the New York/New Jersey area that can only come from being a part of it. A dedicated family man Tom likes to spend his free time, playing golf, tennis, and working out, along with catching up on some reading, and of course spending quality time with his family.

Tom Roskin brings a sincere commitment to trustworthy support to his work at The Counseling Center, where he represents the outpatient treatment clinics as reliable partners in the Continuum of Care for patients and clients in New Jersey. Contact Tom with any questions you have about referrals, programs, or access to care in Monmouth and Ocean counties.

The Counseling Center : Outpatient Addiction Disorder Treatment in Local New Jersey and New York Communities

The Counseling Center offers state-of-the-art professional outpatient treatment programs and individual counseling, for adults and adolescents, through 6 regional substance abuse treatment centers. Local substance abuse treatment centers are located in FreeholdClarkToms RiverCherry HillMiddlesex, Monmouth Junction, and Fair Lawn, New Jersey, and in Yorktown Heights serving Westchester County, New York.

Outpatient treatment is a perfect adjunct to inpatient rehabilitation, and for those who qualify, Intensive Outpatient is an effective, comprehensive program of treatment and follow-up care. The Counseling Center works hard to collaborate with treatment centers and providers to maintain a Continuum of Care in support of successful recovery.

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Confidential Clinical Assessment

The Counseling Center at Monmouth Junction is an outpatient addiction treatment and behavioral health center, staffed with certified and experienced clinical professionals. Eligibility is determined with a confidential clinical assessment, which is performed in person at The Counseling Center.

Adults and adolescents seeking treatment for addiction, alcoholism, mental/behavioral health conditions, or any of the commonly co-occurring disorders associated with addiction and substance abuse, may participate in our award-winning Outpatient Therapy, Intensive Outpatient Therapy, Individual, or Group counseling, based on clinical assessment. To schedule call 855-788-8247 .